Your full building survey, now known as RICS Home Survey Level 3.

Properties that are older, larger, unusual or run-down come with different considerations. That’s not to say you shouldn’t embrace their charm and character, but it does mean that a more detailed survey is exactly what you need.

Previously known as the full building survey, the RICS Home Survey Level 3 is a thorough report which focuses on any minor or significant defects, and any urgent repairs that might be required.

Invest in your future, not in nasty surprises.

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Breaking your survey results down.

Your surveyor will break down the property into individual elements. From there, every element will have its own condition rating with accompanying advisory warnings.

If an element receives a condition rating of 2 or 3, your surveyor will advise you on what you’ll need to do to remedy the issue or if any further investigation is required.

Whatever the outcome, you’ll have everything expertly explained before you commit to your purchase.

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Putting you in the know.

In addition to the condition of the property itself, your report will include details about other issues including:

  • An outline of repair options and the likely consequences of inactivity if the property has been empty
  • Advice for your legal advisers and details of serious risks and dangerous conditions
  • Whilst the Level 3 Report doesn’t include a valuation however, talk to us about proving this as a separate service if this is something you need
what does a full survey include

Your RICS Home Survey Level 3 questions answered.

Your surveyor will usually be in the property for anywhere between 90-180 minutes depending on the size of your property.
Typically, we work with properties that are post 1850, traditional constructions and in reasonable condition.
Absolutely. A valuation is different to a survey and won’t inspect the property in nearly as much detail.
You’ll usually receive your report within 3-4 working days.
To find out more about our valuations and property surveys, head back to our services page for more information.
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